Na het horen van veel positieve verhalen over dit product is Fishcare vanaf heden bij ons verkrijgbaar. Zie onderstaande toelichting over dit product.

Effect of Fish Protector!
Fish Protector by Discusfood prevents the risk of infection by new fish of external origin. Fish from different systems are adapted to different pathogenic germs. Mixing of fish from different origins, may cause a so-called „bacterial intolerance“. In discus or koi facilities the entire old fish stock often falls ill. Correct use presupposed, Fish Protector prevents the spread of such a disease in about 95% of all cases. Your valuable fish stock will be protected.
What is Fish Protector?
Fish Protector by Discusfood is a carefully balanced mixture of high-quality anti-bacterial acting substances, which are imbedded in a natural carrier substance.

How to use Fish Protector!
Dissolve the entire content of one package in an external container containing water. The new arrivals must be bathed BEFORE they come into touch with the old fish population. Fish Protector acts preventively, before a disease occurs. Do not use at crustaceans and other invertebrates.

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